Sports Performance – Dressage

I had bought a new horse and we were performing badly with low scores. I showed Sara videos. Sara listened, and explained to me in easy language that I had now formed negative expectations and that these were translating to the horse. I listened to her guidance and realised it was going to be a series of small progressive steps and the first was to manage my own emotions so that I could then improve my focus and concentration. Sara devised a plan and this included bringing back some fun into my riding and reducing the demands and the pressure – both my horse and I feel much happier people now and we have returned to competing with improved scores!

Graduate – Career Coaching

I can’t thank Sara enough for her patience in helping me to clear my mind and focus again! I needed to prepare myself for my Masters exams and the job market. I’d spent so long as a student and was frankly confused with too many options and just been unable to formulate any clear plan. If I’m honest, I was also worried with the pressures of expectations. Sara helped me to manage my fears and anxieties and to turn around things that had previously worried me to seeing the positives in my life.  Now I feel in control again and confident! I look forward to my new post-graduate journey.

Management Consultant – Career Development

First, a huge thank you for really getting to the route cause so quickly and enabling me to regain my sense of direction. You quickly identified that I needed help to regain calmness and balance that was missing from my life. Your ability to tailor and to blend the best techniques and strategies enabled me to get to grips with coping methods very effectively and make new career plans. I found the experience of your straightforward and honest style a true breath of fresh air. I have now recovered my full motivation and we are working on my structured career plan.

Musician – Focus & Concentration

I am so happy with the outcome of my sessions with you. I’d been suffering worry and stress and couldn’t concentrate on my work.  After just a few sessions, I’m completely back in control of my work in a way I hadn’t thought was possible. The stress audit we did was enlightening and the coping strategies really helpful. I now have a better balance in managing my day and cannot thank you enough!

Mid-Life Career Change

I’d been married for over 20  years, my career plans had gone stale and the children were off to university – so I realised it was time to take stock of my lifestyle and I was ready for a change. I’d also been suffering from anxiety and been signed off work. Sara understood what I was going through and she listened in a totally non-judgemental way, guiding and helping me towards logical plans and to set realistic tasks so that I could see the possibilities without overwhelming myself. Each session was productive as I moved towards my goal in setting up my own small business. It was an amazing time of gradual transformation for me as Sara helped me with my overall wellbeing and I simultaneously adopted a new routine to reduce anxiety and to increase my  motivation levels.

Executive Coaching

“Sara understands the demands I face and this includes the business side of my work and the impact of stress in having to make regular major structural decisions that impact on the lives of other people.  We regularly discuss my own responses to the conflicts I may need to mediate and I consider Sara a valuable person in my business life and in helping me with realistic strategies. I always benefit from our meetings and I value her depth of experience. Sara is non-judgemental and I know that what we discuss remains totally confidential ….”