Sports Performance Coaching

Sports Performance Coaching

Would you like to improve your focus and concentration?  Did you know that many successful Sports Personalities have used techniques from Sports Performance Coaching to help improve their performance. The benefits from coaching, psychology and talking therapies have been widely documented by people in the world of equestrianism, tennis, golf – to name but a few.  Sporting success requires many elements including focus, concentration, self belief and motivation.

You can improve your concentration and perform at your best. 

I see many people who express concerns about rising levels of anxiety spoiling their focus and concentration and ultimately their physical ability, due to the spiral of tension that anxiety creates.  We all know that loss of concentration spoils our ability to perform at our best.  The object of Neuro Linguistic Programming  (NLP) and visualisation techniques in sports performance is to free up your motivation from negative emotions and restraints and to help you construct an enabling way forward and therefore increase your personal confidence; this way you can perform at you best and develop self belief.

Coaching techniques can help you towards confidence and self belief

Coaching and therapeutic techniques are successful in helping with emotional and psychological problems that may be holding a person back. There are different methods available to help change unwanted strategies and behaviours which are actually disabling us and causing anxiety.  For example, have you ever wished away the old states of anxiety or caution that regular creep back into your thoughts,  such states that may well be linked to past events and that actually really have no bearing whatsoever on your present situation?

When we function in our normal everyday behaviour, we do so without even thinking about it.  So, having asked yourself this question, “am I running old strategies that are disabling me? ” Now ask,” “what would I like to change?”  Start now to make notes and to become more aware of any negative behaviour patterns you could change.

The benefit in controlling unwanted anxiety and emotions to increase your focus

We’ve discussed that first it’s about recognising negative emotions and sometimes we don’t know what’s going wrong.  Remember, you’re not alone!   So now the question is, what would you like to achieve?  Perhaps there’s a sportsperson you admire. Most of us have read various media stories of top athletes who have used therapies or sports psychology and we admire those with the most mental control.  Whilst few of us will reach the Olympics, most of us want the pleasure in setting ourselves certain achievable goals and feeling the pleasure of success.   And success increases our confidence and our sense of well being.

NLP can help you to model successful  behaviour ….NLP  is an  effective constructive tool in helping a person to move away from limiting behaviours and to re-frame an enabling position.  From this enabling position of growth we can use our motivation to set up states of confidence towards achievable goals .  NLP provides the tools to model the selected behaviours of successful people and in so doing you can construct new conscious processes which include re-framing your position by the following: –

  • Recognising and disabling negative states and fears thereby …
  • Enabling yourself to remove mental obstacles to your success
  • Replacing disabling states with new enabling strategies
  • Freeing up your emotions by future pacing your realistic new goals

Tailored  Coaching for Confidence – An experienced coach has the training and the knowledge to use an integrative tool set to achieve maximum success.

Please contact Sara Howard for a free phone consultation to discuss how coaching may benefit you.

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Further information on the coaching methodology can be found under Coaching.

Are you suffering from workplace related stress?

Are you suffering from workplace related stress?

Does unwanted workplace related stress have a negative impact in your life?  If you are reading this then the likely answer is, yes, it does. This article is to help you to recognise what may be happening in your life.

Stress is defined by ISMA UK as, “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed upon them.”

Whilst many companies are aware and vigilant to the signs of stress in their employees and even have procedures in place to help cope with and prevent stress – it has to be said that some companies do not.  A further problem is that many employees deliberately hide the signs of rising anxiety levels due to fears that their stress may be negatively interpreted as an inability to manage their workload. This includes hiding the truth from loved ones and friends.

You may already know someone suffering stress. The Health & Safety Executive’s 2016 Statistics conclude that work related stress accounts for 37% of work related ill health and 45% of days lost in the period of 2015/16.

Some of the main issues people report regarding workplace stress include: –

  • The perceived pressures linked to workload, deadlines and expectations
  • A belief in insufficient support from line management and colleagues
  • Fears of change, pending mergers and acquisitions and new leadership styles
  • Conflicts between personal beliefs and corporate culture demands

The physical symptoms of stress may vary from person to person (and are discussed in my earlier article); they can include – raised heart rate, palpitations, perspiration, feeling a rush of adrenaline, irritability with colleagues, poor sleep patterns and tiredness, stomach upsets headaches and migraines.

When excessive pressure goes ignored or unnoticed over an extended period it can have a serious impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. For some it can lead to depression and more serious physical conditions.  Stress can also affect us psychologically and in our changing behaviours.  The behavioural aspects that increase pressure include lack of assertiveness,  procrastination and absolutism – perhaps these sound familiar?

The anxiety of constant worry about past or future events can lead to unwanted habits and addictions, sometimes in a misguided belief that they help us to cope, for example, the use of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, chocolate etc.  Some people engage (often unconsciously)  in habits such as nail biting, skin picking, mouth chewing, teeth grinding, hair pulling without realising the link to their anxiety levels.

In managing your workplace stress – A stress audit will help you to develop a plan to enable you  to recognise and identify problems and to make suitable behavioural changes to help you regain a sense of control in your daily routine.  It is also about how we believe we interface with ‘our world’  the ideal of course being in a satisfactory and productive way in which we are supported and can complete our tasks and achieve our goals… and find time for the importance of  work/life balance.  

Effective stress management increases our self belief in our ability to cope and to develop ‘resilience.’ In simple language, resilience can best be achieved and built on sound foundations, when we have recognised and moderated our emotional self demands to a new understanding in harmony with our values and a position of control.

Sara Howard has designed and delivered large scale training programmes in stress management and resilience to leading multinational companies.  She also works with private individuals as an executive and lifestyle coach and hypno-psychotherapist.

Sara is available to see private clients in Highgate London, Wheatley Oxford, Kings Langley Herts. and Aston Clinton Bucks.

Please call to discuss how she may help you with your stress management plan.  Tel – 07827 505389.

Sports Performance – Dressage

I had bought a new horse and we were performing badly with low scores. I showed Sara videos. Sara listened, and explained to me in easy language that I had now formed negative expectations and that these were translating to the horse. I listened to her guidance and realised it was going to be a series of small progressive steps and the first was to manage my own emotions so that I could then improve my focus and concentration. Sara devised a plan and this included bringing back some fun into my riding and reducing the demands and the pressure – both my horse and I feel much happier people now and we have returned to competing with improved scores!

Graduate – Career Coaching

I can’t thank Sara enough for her patience in helping me to clear my mind and focus again! I needed to prepare myself for my Masters exams and the job market. I’d spent so long as a student and was frankly confused with too many options and just been unable to formulate any clear plan. If I’m honest, I was also worried with the pressures of expectations. Sara helped me to manage my fears and anxieties and to turn around things that had previously worried me to seeing the positives in my life.  Now I feel in control again and confident! I look forward to my new post-graduate journey.

Management Consultant – Career Development

First, a huge thank you for really getting to the route cause so quickly and enabling me to regain my sense of direction. You quickly identified that I needed help to regain calmness and balance that was missing from my life. Your ability to tailor and to blend the best techniques and strategies enabled me to get to grips with coping methods very effectively and make new career plans. I found the experience of your straightforward and honest style a true breath of fresh air. I have now recovered my full motivation and we are working on my structured career plan.

Musician – Focus & Concentration

I am so happy with the outcome of my sessions with you. I’d been suffering worry and stress and couldn’t concentrate on my work.  After just a few sessions, I’m completely back in control of my work in a way I hadn’t thought was possible. The stress audit we did was enlightening and the coping strategies really helpful. I now have a better balance in managing my day and cannot thank you enough!

Mid-Life Career Change

I’d been married for over 20  years, my career plans had gone stale and the children were off to university – so I realised it was time to take stock of my lifestyle and I was ready for a change. I’d also been suffering from anxiety and been signed off work. Sara understood what I was going through and she listened in a totally non-judgemental way, guiding and helping me towards logical plans and to set realistic tasks so that I could see the possibilities without overwhelming myself. Each session was productive as I moved towards my goal in setting up my own small business. It was an amazing time of gradual transformation for me as Sara helped me with my overall wellbeing and I simultaneously adopted a new routine to reduce anxiety and to increase my  motivation levels.

Executive Coaching

“Sara understands the demands I face and this includes the business side of my work and the impact of stress in having to make regular major structural decisions that impact on the lives of other people.  We regularly discuss my own responses to the conflicts I may need to mediate and I consider Sara a valuable person in my business life and in helping me with realistic strategies. I always benefit from our meetings and I value her depth of experience. Sara is non-judgemental and I know that what we discuss remains totally confidential ….”

Sara Howard

Sara Howard

A Warm Welcome!  I offer coaching for lifestyle and career changes, personal development, wellbeing and resilience. My clients include private individuals from all walks of life, as well as business owners, managers and executives.

With over 25 years of experience I have a solid understanding of organizational business structure, internal culture, and management and leadership styles. I work with small businesses, professional partnerships, and multi-national companies.

Using both logical and creative coaching processes, I can offer you the space in which to plan your inspirational changes and work with you towards achieving your goals.

Are you inspired to make beneficial changes in your life?

My coaching approach can help you to achieve your ambitions through understanding the challenges you are facing which may include: managing anxiety and stress in your business life, achieving better communication and relationship building, increasing confidence in public speaking, and assessing lifestyle balance and career changes.

A Coaching plan towards achieving your goal

In our fast paced society, coaching offers the tools to allow us to make quick and effective changes towards our best performance. I am trained in a range of integrative styles which are designed to assist you within a solution focused approach.  Our sessions would adopt a framework from which you can think, plan and expand your creativity. My style is measured and balanced to suit each individual client in guiding towards maximising full potential.

My typical coaching situations include: –

  • Managers balancing change, leadership styles and corporate responsibility
  • Young entrepreneurs building start up companies, balancing numerous roles
  • People changing careers or seeking to further their career development
  • Sports performance – improving focus, concentration and goal setting
  • People wanting to improve daily life, wellbeing and relationships

Workshops and Training
Corporate training event and private individual events.  Please enquire.

Memberships, Qualifications & Training

  • Full Member of Association for Coaching – MAC
  • Full Member of International Stress Management Association – MISMA
  • Full Member of GHR and GHSC – Senior Status
  • Full Member of British Horse Society – BHS
  • Advanced Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy  – UKCP Accredited school
  • Holder of Senior Qualification Status and Supervisor status – GHR SQHP
  • Holder of ISMA Comprehensive Knowledge for Stress Mgmt. Practitioners
  • Practitioner Certification and Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming – INLPTA
  • Solution Focused Coaching and Narrative Coaching
  • Post-graduate work in entrepreneurial culture and leadership
  • LLB(Hons) Law degree
  • PhD research in Psychology
  • BHSAI level instructor – British Horse Society

 Continuing Professional Development and Code of Conduct
Sara engages in continuing professional development at the highest level and she follows the strict code of conduct and ethics of her various leading membership bodies: MAC, MISMA and the GHR governing body. This ensures that the highest professional standards are followed enabling clients to rely on excellent service from knowledgeable practitioners with a guarantee of complete privacy and confidentiality.

Call now for an initial free telephone consultation to discuss your coaching plan and how you can develop your potential. Coaching Centres – Central London, Aston Clinton, Kings Langley.

Tel – 07827 505389 or 01296 634921 – Executive and Lifestyle Coaching – Hypno-psychotherapy and Coaching